Intensive experiences that fuel the joy of discovery

Twice per year, Mylor goes “dotty” over science, as we put aside our regular learning activities to immerse the children in a rich, science-only learning environment for a full fortnight at a time.

Students are given the opportunity to explore topics of genuine interest to them, all clearly linked to aspects of life that they can personally relate to, through an array of Masterclasses offered by:

  • Our resident Scientist in Schools
  • Other scientists from our school community
  • Community groups and leading private providers.

Our children are also required to complete an interest-led enquiry over the fortnight, in which they answer a series of questions that they individually develop with the assistance of teachers. Their learning is then presented in a variety of creative ways to the school community at a Science Expo, held at the completion of the intensive block to celebrate the students’ achievements.

Here’s what our kids think.