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Two engaging, personalised “blended learning” streams, designed to impart the core skills and concepts our students will need to flourish tomorrow

Driven by technology, our world is changing at remarkable speed. University of Oxford researchers Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne predicted in a 2013 paper* that, by 2030, an incredible 47% of jobs then available were highly likely to be automated.

Over the same period, a “freelance economy” is widely predicted to emerge, requiring a workforce of creative, digitally literate and self-directed individuals able to come together in teams and work effectively in a range of environments.

At Mylor Primary we’ve placed this global shift at the forefront of our thinking in the conception of our learning structure, and we’re passionately committed to imparting the foundation skills and qualities that will best serve our students in the years ahead.

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*The Future of Employment: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerisation? by C.Frey and M.Osborne (2013).