Literacy and Numeracy

Valuable mixed-age learning opportunities

Mylor students of all year-levels and ages regularly interact and learn together. For core topics and skills, including literacy and numeracy, students are placed in multi-age groups according to their level of understanding, ensuring no-one struggles out of their depth or coasts unchallenged.

Literacy at Mylor is personalised to cater for the varying needs of students. Each day students are involved in Literacy Block where students reading, writing, spelling and oral literacy skills are developed. At the beginning of each school year student’s individual needs are identified through formalised testing, observations and teachers own data to form groups of students with similar needs. Students are placed into Literacy groups according to this data and continually monitored to ensure their needs are being met.

At Mylor we use a range of strategies that identify students mathematical understandings and misconceptions. This information is then used to inform the explicit teaching required. By identifying students misconceptions early we are able to ensure they have a strong understanding of all mathematical concepts and can apply this knowledge to real life situations. We value students ability to problem solve and reason in Mathematics, whilst balancing this with their understanding and fluency. Students are encouraged to record their thinking and explain their understandings to others.
This mixing of ages brings with it some fantastic developmental benefits for the children, and reflects landmark research by world-recognised UK education researcher Sir Ken Robinson.

Please note, however, that in many non-core areas students are still grouped according to year levels, supporting their sense of identity and peer-group belonging.

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