Mylor Primary Science Weeks

Our students’ verdict

What did you like about our April 2016 Science block and why?

“I like that we got to pick our own projects, because instead of a teacher picking a project that you weren’t interested in you got to pick a project that you were interested in. I liked how you got to do experiments and everything.” Emma, Year 4.

“I liked how we were free to choose whatever experiment we wanted and all the opportunities we got, because usually at my old school we would do an experiment every week and all the kids didn’t get to choose what they were doing. I also liked the Expo—that was fun!” Finn, Year 4.

“I really liked how everyone was doing one different thing, beause we are not actually doing it in groups. So we are actually doing our very, very, very own learning.”  Jasmine, Year 3.

“I liked it because it was hands-on and you could do experiments if you wanted to. You didn’t just have to sit down and do work the whole time.” Sharni, Year 7.

“How we had way more free choice.” Kodi, Year 6.

“You got some freedom and choice about your learning.” Chloe, Year 7.


Does doing science in a block help your learning and understanding?

“Yeah, because you get to understand different things.” Emma, Year 4.

“Yes! I think it does, ‘cause you get more time to learn about one sort of thing. You get more time to understand and do the actual experiment itself.”  Finn, Year 4.

“Yes. Because you aren’t doing it with Literacy and Numeracy, you’re just doing it for two whole weeks, and it’s not mixed in with everything.” Jasmine, Year 3.

“Yes, ‘cause it’s not spread out over a long period of time where you can forget parts. If you put it in a small compact section of the term then you have more time to revise and go over your learning.” Kodi, Year 6.

“Kind of, because you get to do it all together.” Chloe, Year 7.


Have you noticed improvements in your understanding of science because of our approach?

“Yeah, ‘cause it’s one-on-one and you’re doing science all week, so that’s all you’re thinking about.” Chloe, Year 7.

“Yeah, I’ve got much better on the computer.” Cordy, Year 6.

“Yeah, I think I have.” Kodi, Year 6.