Governing Council

Our parents’ opportunity to formally contribute to Mylor Primary’s educational direction

The Mylor Primary Governing Council (GC) is an annually elected body of a minimum of six parents that meets with the Principal twice each term. Our GC fulfils five key responsibilities:

1. Contribute to the school’s broad direction
The GC identifies and incorporates, where possible, student, parent and community input into the broad direction of Mylor Primary. This can include such things as a future vision or statement of purpose.

2. Develop broad directional policy
The GC develops broad policy statements that facilitate the achievement of the school’s vision and broad direction.

3. Initiate and approve recommendations and strategies
The GC works with the Principal, other parents, staff and students to develop recommendations and strategies to achieve the broad directions that they’ve jointly set, usually in the form of a Site Learning Plan. It also has responsibility for the approval of budgets to enact these strategies.

4. Monitor progress
The GC monitors the school budget and progress towards the broad directions and specific targets of the Site Learning Plan.

5. Report progress
For further information, visit the SA Government Department for Education (DFE) site here.

Our current GC members for the 2020 school year are:

  • Belinda Angus – Chairperson
  • Helena Wait – Deputy Chairperson
  • Ksenija Bould – Treasurer
  • Pia Wells – Secretary
  • Danielle Furniss
  • Tanya Westbrooke
  • Mel C