Built to learn

Customised facilities designed to stimulate students and teachers alike

Nestled in the peaceful and gloriously leafy Adelaide Hills village of Mylor,  our modestly-sized school provides an inviting and nurturing learning environment with much to recommend it beyond natural beauty. Inside the facilities, traditional rows of desks have been replaced with incredibly flexible learning spaces to encourage and facilitate student creativity and staff innovation. Conceived and designed in consultation with the students themselves, four broad ideas underpin the planning of the spaces:

  • The “Cave”, for individual reflection.
  • The “Watering Hole”, for collaborative work.
  • The “Campfire”, for storytelling + sharing
  • The “Da Vinci Suite”, for messy work.

As well as helping the children to focus on their specific tasks or purposes at any one time, this approach also provides our teachers with constant visual reinforcement that they are there to innovate and be flexible.