Blended learning

Individually integrated face-to-face, digital and online tuition, catering to all learning styles

For each broad learning task, or project, we aim to offer a range of different channels through which 2030 Vision and Focus students can gather and digest the information required to produce their work. These generally include:

  • small-group teacher-guided discussion
  • one-to-one teacher guidance
  • third-party podcasts and videos
  • online resources.

Selection of personal “playlists”

At the outset of each project, students discuss with their teachers which of the blended learning options they’d like to utilise (in addition to any mandatory instruction), and this forms their ‘playlist’ for that project. The teacher will seek to accommodate each student’s wishes, but will always ensure students are utilising sources they’re personally suited to and able to use effectively.

Development of independent research skills

The ability to safely and productively navigate and filter information in the online environment is a key component of digital literacy. Consequently, we work with students to help them develop these skills prior to allowing their personal playlists to include independent online research. We also embed regular “check in” points during each project.