2030 Vision

Our full-time-at-school blended learning stream provides the future-ready foundations students will need to thrive amidst rapid change

We help our 2030 Vision students develop in a wide range of complementary and highly stimulating ways, all built on the philosophical foundation of personalised learning – recognition of the individual.

Each student’s particular needs, interests and goals are identified and responded to. All learning activities are meaningfully adapted for each individual to ensure that they’re always taking the most constructive next step for them, rather than being either rushed or held back by the relative progress of their peers.

And almost all grouping of students for learning is done according to levels of understanding and mastery, rather than their age or year level.

A flexible “blend” of face-to-face, digital and online tuition

For each broad learning task, or project, we aim to offer a range of different channels through which 2030 Vision students can gather and digest the information required to produce their work. These generally include: face-to-face teaching; third-party podcasts and videos; and online resources.

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Small-group work to build collaboration skills

Collaboration skills have been widely identified as becoming increasingly vital to an individual’s success in the future workforce, so wherever appropriate, 2030 Vision learning tasks will include at least one mandatory group-work activity.

Literacy and Numeracy iPlans

Each 2030 Vision student will develop – in conjunction with their teacher – an individual learning plan (iPlan), documenting particular areas within literacy and numeracy that the student wishes to enhance their level of mastery in.

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Co-construction of learning tasks

A great deal of research indicates that when children are involved in the co-construction and design of their own learning tasks, their engagement level increases. So we regularly provide such opportunities to our 2030 Vision students at Mylor Primary, across all areas of the curriculum.

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