2030 Focus

Our groundbreaking part-time-at-school blended learning stream combines personalised at-school tuition with horizon-expanding off-site input

A minimum of two fixed days per week are required to be spent at school, with the balance of education delivered through equally rigorous school-supported learning at home, and/or external specialist or advanced tuition in an area of particular interest or talent.

This latter option removes traditional limits on how high – or how fast – the student can “fly” in a particuar field. But importantly, they can pursue their enhanced development without losing social connection with their peers, or compromising their ongoing learning in other areas.

2030 Focus students are still able to attend all school functions and events, and are given all the same leadership opportunities as 2030 Vision full-time-at-school students.

A flexible “blend” of face-to-face, digital and online tuition

For each broad learning task, or project, we aim to offer a range of different channels through which 2030 Focus students can gather and digest the information required to produce their work. These generally include: face-to-face teaching; third-party podcasts and videos; and online resources.

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Small-group work to build collaboration skills

Collaboration skills have been widely identified as becoming increasingly vital to an individual’s success in the future workforce, so wherever appropriate, 2030 Focus learning tasks will include at least one mandatory group-work activity.

Access to online learning portal

All 2030 Focus students and parents/caregivers will have access to an online learning portal for their school unit – either Bandicoot (Years R-3) or Magpie (Years 4-7). Designed for use both at and away from school, the portal will house all the curriculum information required for students to undertake their learning.

Co-construction of learning tasks

A great deal of research indicates that when children are involved in the co-construction and design of their own learning tasks, their engagement level increases. So we regularly provide such opportunities to our 2030 Vision students at Mylor Primary, across all areas of the curriculum.

Our 2017 ‘2030 Focus’ program is currently accepting enrolments. Contact the school on 8388 5345 for more details. 

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